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Approved Cars – Car Air-Con Servicing

Approved Cars – Car Air-Con Servicing

Air conditioning services available in East Peckham

Approved Cars can provide your vehicle with quality air conditioning services. Getting this service complete will help you stay cool in your vehicle during the summer months of the year. Our team of dedicated mechanics can complete your air con service in a quick turnaround time while providing excellent, accurate servicing. Did you know that your air con isn’t tested during a standard vehicle service? That’s why this service is important for your vehicle.

Deep cleaning air con service at Approved Cars

During your air con service, we’ll also complete a deep clean of the entire system for you. This is due to your air con stopping debris, pollen and dust from entering your cabin through its filter system. (So, yes it does do more than just keep you cool in the summer!) If this deep clean isn’t done from time to time it can lead to a build-up of dirt in the long run. This is why we carry out antibacterial cleans during your service. This keeps your vehicle filled with fresh, clean air!

Why is an air conditioning service important?

Air conditioning services are like MOT tests but specifically for air cons – they ensure that everything in the system is running okay and that enough cool air is being produced. It’s recommended that you should get your vehicle’s air-con checked every two years to keep it in the best possible condition. Generally, air cons aren’t used for at least half of the year during the colder months as it’s not necessary. During this time, it’s thought that 20% of the vital refrigerant gas and lubricant will escape through the vents, resulting in your air con not working properly. However, our mechanics are trained to spot any damage and fix your air con.

Knowing when it’s time to get your air con checked

Over time, your air con may stop working properly and when the system is turned on it might only be releasing warm air. If you ignore this, it could cost you more money in the future. If it’s left for too long, your vehicle’s system may get damaged as it will have to work harder to power the air con and subsequently your engine too. This can result in more fuel being used than necessary which means you’ll be spending more money than you need to.

What happens during an air conditioning service

Your vehicle will be left in good hands at our garage in Tonbridge, we will work efficiently and in a timely manner. We’ll restore all the vital gases and give your air con system a deep anti-bacterial treatment that will stop bacteria from growing on the vents. This service will leave your vehicle air con feeling refreshed. At Approved Cars, we’re happy to offer air-con services at a competitive price that beats main dealership prices. We’re open six days a week from Monday to Saturday.